Awning Cleaning & Repairs in San Jose

Make your awning look like brand new with our cleaning & repair services throughout San Jose.

Awning Cleaning in San Jose

The appearance of your awning is everything and over time awnings can warp, fade, get dirty and worn due to years of exposure to the elements and damaging UV rays. With decades of experience, Abby's Awning & Blind Services can help restore your older awning and have it looking like new in no time!

Offering awning cleaning throughout the greater Bay Area and San Jose, we can help your business improve that all important first impression by cleaning the awning fabric, repairing any of the structural components of the awning, and even replacing or recoloring the fabric if needed.

Our thorough awning cleaning process may involve the removal of: mold and mildew, bird droppings, weather stains, and various environmental elements.

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Awning Fabric Replacement Services

Although you can do repairs and keep your awning as clean as possible, over time, awnings will become worn out and need to be replaced. There are various factors that determine how long your awning will last. However, when it comes time to replace your awning cover, Abby's Awning and Blind Services can provide high-quality material and sewing threads that can last for years to come.

Recovering involves manufacturing a new cover with new fabric, the same color and quality as you presently have or new fabric and color of your choice. We are experts in advising which fabrics and colors last the longest and will look the best over time. We carry a full assortment of fabrics and colors, including Sunbrella, Dickson, Awntex, Ferrari, and more.

Recoloring Awning Fabric

If your awning's material is solid but the fabric has faded over years of exposure to the sun, fade, or maybe you'd like to freshen up the look of your storefront with a new color, fabric recoloring is a great alternative to a complete awning replacement. The awning remains cleanable and can continue to last for many years. Fore more information about recoloring your awning in San Jose, contact us today!

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Bird Proof Your Awning

One of the most unattractive stains and accumulations you may tend to notice on your awning in San Jose are bird droppings. Since birds are everywhere it can certainly be difficult to keep their droppings off of residential and commercial properties, including your awning space. When it comes to your storefront, it is very important to keep up with appearances and at the same time stay away from the unattractive "bird spike" appearance if possible. Bird droppings can look offensive, can permanently stain and damage awning fabric, are unsanitary, and can carry diseases, so it is important to find a solution. Abby's Awning and Blind Services in San Jose offers a variety of ways to keep you looking clean and sharp.


Our bird proofing service may include:

  • Bird netting

  • Bird deterrent electrical or non-electrical options

  • Bird deterrent gel


Bird proofing storefront channel lettering is also a service we provide. The sooner you take care of the bird problem, the better. 

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