About Abby's Awning & Blind Services

The purpose for starting our business over 25 years ago was to help business owners in our competitive environment look as good as possible, to attract as many customers as they could. Awnings have always attracted my attention as a powerful tool to create an impression. I looked at it as business curb appeal, the same way realtors market homes for sale. First impressions are powerful and can be positive or negative. My feelings were substantiated by a study showing that for most of us awnings are, in fact, the first thing people look at when looking at a store-front, even if done subconsciously. I then discovered that the business owners who owned awnings were left without assistance in keeping them looking new, sharp, and lasting longer. Over time, their awnings looked neglected until they had to buy new ones. In the meantime their sales often diminished. New or new looking awnings often rejuvenated their sales by attracting new customers.
Our Philosopy: "Looking Good is Good for Business"
                                                                    - Barry Wolf, Owner

With that in mind, I started this business as way to fill the need to help the business owners attract more customers through their doors by keeping them looking sharp at all times. We have also been successful in making awnings last much longer and still look like new, many of them having lasted 5 times longer than their normal life expectancy. Nothing lasts forever, so we added the option to make new awnings as needed for our customers and we continue to service them so they continue to look great for many more years. We have now reached the milestone of having manufactured and serviced over 50,000 awnings.

Residential & Commercial Awnings in Northern California Since 1989

Residential awning owners face the same issues that commercial owners face including desire to keep their investment and the beauty of their awning lasting as long as possible. They had a need for maintenance, service, and repair just like commercial owners, and we stepped in to help them with that need as well. 

We also responded to a demand for quality ultrasonic blind and shade cleaning for both home and business owners and have provided that service for over 20 years. If you have any questions about our services, please give us a call today at 408-316-1886 or fill out the online contact form.

Why Choose Abby's?


  • Over 25 Years of Quality, Dependable Service

  • Over 50,000 Awnings Serviced in the Bay Area

  • Boosting the Curb Appeal of Thousands of Businesses

  • Protecting Your Investment up to 5 Times Longer

  • A Well Maintained Awning will Attract New Customers

  • Specializing in Entrance, Gazebo, Fixed, Retractable Awnings, and More!

  • Drop Off or Pick Up Service Available for Blinds & Shades Only (Drop Offs Preferred)

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